General Tips for Furniture Shopping

Shopping for furniture isn’t always as easy as you think. You’ll want something that’s pretty and perfect for your sense of style, but beyond that, you also need to consider workmanship and quality.

Here are handy and helpful tips to keep in mind when furniture shopping:

Invert the piece.

One of the best things you can do before paying for furniture is turning it upside down and studying it carefully. You won’t be able to do this all the time, but when possible, do check the furniture’s underside: any fabric should be neatly tucked and doubled-stitched instead of stapled, and any exposed wood must be painted or varnished.

Check for sturdiness and stability.

Check framing and supports for this part. Take note that kiln-dried hardwood is best as it has less moisture and is not as likely to decay as the rest. Try listing the piece off the ground – if it’s too light, you may have a problem with quality. If you’re shopping for a bed, know what materials were used for the slats and vertical supports. If these are substandard materials, the bed will obviously not last a long time. Make sure the slats are firmly screwed or doweled together and have at least three inches between them for stability.

Check for unique features.

Not all furniture is created equal, which means each one will have something unique that you need to look into. For upholstery, for example, try scratching and pulling the fabric to see if the fibers are coming off. They shouldn’t.Check the foam and make sure it’s firm; otherwise, it will sag very soon. Also ask if there are springs inside to distribute weight evenly, extending the furniture’s life. As to wood, you’ll want to choose hardwood for durability, but if you want to save on costs, choose plywood over particle or fiber boards.

Double-check measurements.

Finally, take your measurements and make sure they’re accurate for the space where you plan to put the furniture.You should even triple check your numbers to avoid the frustration and inconvenience of having to return a piece just because it didn’t fit as you thought it would. Visit this page to find furniture stores Cleveland Ohio.

At the end of the day, buying good furniture requires planning and patience. Don’t just get anything that looks good or is on sale. In fact, spend an entire day or two window-shopping and come back after thoroughly considering all factors involved. This way, you know you’re making a reasonable purchase instead of being driven by impulse, which is rarely a great idea with furniture.

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